Can't seem to get anything to upload

Jul 26, 2012 at 8:33 PM


I have Office 2010 x32 and Sharepoint 2010.  I have a test document library set up with column headings to match the Outlook Fields in the List Settings of SPOC.

A few things:

1)  The first outlook field in the Lists Settings is howing as "Not Selected".  Not sure why or what it would map to.

2) Since i have SharePoint fields matching the Outlook Fields, I enter the field in the List Settings.  When I drag and drop an email to the list, it brings up the Edit Item box.  Here, Title and Subject are listed as "Not Selected" even though I matched the Outlook Subject Field to a SharePoint subject field.  If I check the "Not Selected" box to select the field mapping, then pick Subject, and click OK, the email will not upload.

If I uncheck all the boxes in the Edit Item box, and manually type in random things, it will copy the email up to SharePoint.

If I try again with the field mappings after successfully uploading the email, it will prompt me because it knows an item with the same name already exists, however when I chose an option, it doesn't copy the file up.

I'm not exactly sure why things aren't quite working properly. 

One suggestion I have would be, if a file with the same name already exists, to append a series of random letters after it to allow multiple emails with the same subject. 

Thanks for your help.