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SharePoint Conditional Field
SharePoint Advanced Alerts
SharePoint CAML Studio
Soby Web Components

Project Description
SharePoint Outlook Connector makes it easier for outlook users to upload emails to SP and attach SP documents to an email message .

  • Claim authentication (SharePoint Online) support has been added


  • Content Type Support has been added
  • Editing metadata on uploading document
  • Enhanced UI
  • Enhanced email field mapping
  • Multiple site configuration has been added
  • File System Integration has been added. (This allows you to integrate live mesh folders into outlook)
  • Attach items as attachments into email item functionality has been added.
  • Check Out/Check In functionality has been added
  • Advanced Alert System has been added
  • Library Content Viewer has been added
  • Drag & Drop files(attachments) into folder has been added
  • List Item Properties Panel has been added
  • Copy, delete and open item/document functionalities have been added
  • Version History for files has been added
  • Saving email meta data to SharePoint document item (title, to, from etc) functionality has been added
  • SharePoint 2010 support has been added
  • Saving email message as list item and attachments as attachment of the list item functionality has been added

Installation Prerequisites
Outlook 2010 or later is required


Features will be added

  • Workflow implemantation
  • Automating upload emails to SharePoint via configuring an email rule.
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Currently it overwrites if the document exist in the library, a warning screen will be implemented to allow user select either to overwrite or keep the existing version.
  • Approve / Reject functionality
  • Outlook Appointment item and SharePoint calendar integration.




Murat Teknik

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